People are mindblown over new garlic peeling hack

Food 18/06/2019

Everyone has a slightly different way of how they like to peel their garlic.

While some opt for the knife method (where they chop each end off of the garlic head, place their knife over it and use their hand to apply pressure and break the garlic down), others use the method of putting a couple of cloves in a Tupperware box and frantically shaking them up (a process that sheds the skins through friction) - this new hack has left people absolutely mindblown.

The new hack involves holding the bulb in your hand and using a small, sharp paring knife to spear a clove, before pulling it out and releasing it from its skin.

The hack is simple and effective and has been labeled a 'game-changer' among many home cooks.

See the original video below: