People are loving the new breakfast 'hack' of cooking hash browns in a toaster

Food 04/06/2019

Many people believe that toasters are for cooking bread, and they are 100% correct! But some people are using toaster in other ways and are loving the results that they are seeing.

One woman was sick of having to cook hash browns in the oven - mostly she hated waiting for the oven to heat up. So she decided to get crafty one day and give them a go in the toaster. 

Lo and behold - it worked. And it worked so well that she became obsessed, sharing his new found 'hack' with others on the internet.

While some were concerned that the oil from the hash brown may damage the toaster, the woman assured the followers in the group she shared her discovery in that this wasn’t the case.

She says: ‘There was no oil that come out at all and kept eye on all time they came out really crunchy I checked the crumb tray and was clean.’