New theme-park opens up overseas that is 100% dedicated to cheese

Food 05/06/2019

In a little pocket of South Korea lives a theme park that is all about cheese. It's been open since 2004, but has only really just starting hitting mainstream news outlets. 

The park, named Imsil Cheese Theme Park, is filled with over 32 acres of cheese-shaped buildings, cheese-based food outlets and cheese themed rides.

Visitors to the park have regularly said than the ambiance and serenity is similar to that of us here in NZ, making it a haven for those escaping the hustle and bustle of cities.

Features of the cheese theme park experience includes cheese-making courses, learning how milk is processed, a Cheese Castle, ride down a slide to the Cheese Playground, and roam the grounds to see all the cheese-shaped buildings and statues.

The park is made of perfect photography spots and loads of people love to head there to get some awesome, memorable pictures.