Ed Sheeran releases his own ketchup line called 'Edchup'

music news 07/06/2019

Just when you would think Ed Sheeran was busy enough with his album due out in just a few days, he has gone and added another project to his workload. But this project is a lot tastier than what he normally works his magic on.

After collaborating with the biggest names in music like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, the British singer is now teaming up with Heinz Ketchup.

This new partnership will come as no surprise to Sheeran fans, as the singer has made his love for the condiment—and Heinz specifically—abundantly clear. Not only does the 28-year-old have a tattoo of the brand’s logo on his arm, The Sun also reported in January 2018 that he has an assistant carry a bottle for him at all times in case he needs a little extra on his meal of the moment.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' singer is launching "Edchup" as part of the food giant's 150th birthday.

According to Heinz, Edchup is the same Heinz ketchup you know and love, but packaged in a limited-edition, Sheeran-inspired bottle. The red-headed singer is immortalized forever as a glasses-wearing tomato on the bottle, with a green leaf taking the place of his iconic shaggy haircut.