Americans are claiming that the way we eat our pies is completely wrong

Food 06/06/2019

A popular US food website has boldly declared that the way we eat our pies here in New Zealand is completely wrong.

Instead, they argue that the correct way to eat a pie is by flipping it over onto it's top and eating it with a knife and fork.

The website, who claims they are "the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the world's best food cities", tries to make itself a good argument, by mentioning a few reasons as to why they believe pies should be eaten upside down.

The pie they use in their example is a common American dish - the chicken pot pie. The specific pie typically comes frozen in an aluminum dish.

Writing on Twitter, Eater gives reasons to their claim saying: "First, the Why: There are two issues with personal pies. One, most frozen savoury pot pies are circular, and sit in an aluminium shell. Scooping each bite with a fork creates an uneven ratio of crust-to-filling.

"The poor crust-to-filling ratio leads to the second problem: the bite's texture. When the filling overpowers the crust, it's overly wet. If you're getting just the crust on the bottom, it can be quite dry.

"The perfect bite happens when the creamy, savoury filling is sandwiched between both the top and bottom crust.

"What's the solution? Flip the pie upside down."

A Kiwi man named Ian was one of the first to comment on the atrocity, saying that the way the food magazine claimed pies should be eaten was unacceptable.