Cheese maker creates cheeses using foot bacteria from celebrities

Must See 27/05/2019

Do you think you could eat a cheese made from the foot bacteria of your favourite celebrity?

Open Cell in London has collaborated on a pungent project with celebrities including celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and some other UK based musicians.

The project sees the celebrities volunteering their bodies to be swabbed in some particularly bacteria-rich crevasses, and then using that bacteria from the swabs to create a range of cheeses.

The project was masterminded by biodesigner Helene Steiner to "educate the public and challenge cultural squeamishness about bacteria".

"Steiner and her team took bacteria samples from the surface of our donors’ skin, using synthetic biology to grow starter cultures which were then combined with fresh, pasteurized milk to create four unique cheeses," an Open Cell blog post about the project reads.

The project is a sort of protest against the modern world's obsession with "cleanliness and hyper-sanitation" with Open Cell pointing out that "our gut health and experience of the world around us -- taste, smell -- are dependent on the microbial world".