"Life-changing" 2 in 1 toaster that cooks your eggs & toast at the same time

Food 29/05/2019

Those who love breakfasts and fancy themselves as breakfast connoisseurs are praising a brand new toaster for it's '2-in-1' capabilities.

The appliance has gone viral in Australia with many people praising the product.

"The Toast N' Egg revolutionises breakfast time by combining a toaster and egg cooker in one." the description reads.

The egg maker also lets you both poach and boil your eggs.

The reviews of the product are pretty positive too...

"Cooks eggs perfectly and they are done at the same time as the toast, which is also done to perfection. Easy to use, love it!"

"This is an amazing toaster with 'egg' function. You can make a breakfast in 5 minutes without any effort. It is very easy to use, very smart machine!"

Thankfully the toaster is available to buy in NZ too. It's available for $132 on Fishpond.