Nine delicious ways to transform your typical pavlova

Food 19/12/2018

It's not a Kiwi Christmas without the classic pavlova, but if you're looking for new ideas to impress your family at the dessert table - give these alternatives a go!

These dressed-up Pavs will still allow you to have your favourite flavours but will turn it into dessert centrepieces.

1) More is more when it comes to Christmas time:
Nothing says fruitful like an overflowing pav. The kids won't need to fight over the toppings with this delicious and indulgent pav.

2) The Christmas Pavlova Wreath:
Shape up your pav for a delicious Christmas wreath. You can shape this as multiple mini pavs in a circle, or bake it as one circle.

3) The Christmas Pavlova Tree:
Or, if you like a challenge, get your piping bag and turn your Pav into a tree! Just be sure to use your cream as your "decoration" glue.

4) Get flossy:
If you don't have your own candy floss machine maker, it's just as easy to buy candy floss from the supermarket.

5) Get your macarons on!:
Combine two favourites together by decorating your pav with delicious and light macarons. A great way to add a few more crisp textures without weighing down the pav.

6) Cooking up cookies:
Combine classic shortbreads with your pav for a more festive decoration.

7) Nothing wrong with chocolate:
Decorate your pav with chocolate shards and caramel to make it a bit jazzy

8) Or even more chocolate:
Alternatively, incorporate chocolate flavours in your cream.

9) Or even more chocolate!:
Check out this chocolate base pavlova, decorated with hazelnut praline. Yum!