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The real reason why ultra processed foods are so bad for you

Must See 19/09/2018

We are a country that loves our ready to eat and processed foods. We all know how bad the sweet foods are, but it is surprising to have a look at how bad savoury processed products are as well. You are making a sacrifice for your health majorly when you are eating these processed foods. 

New Zealand is not the only country that is notorious for too much pre-packaged food, most food that is eaten in developed countries is processed or pre-prepared by the food industry. 

Auckland University has recently performed a world first study spanning over three years looking at 13,000 packaged foods sold here and found that 83% were classified as ultra-processed. Ultra-processed foods are the ones which you want to limit s they have multiple additives and food-derived ingredients. 

Every time you are eating processed food, you are increasing your sodium, sugar and saturated fat intake, which is not ideal for your health. For example, pre-made pizza base which you add your own topping too, you've already added 1.5tsp of sugar and 560mg of sodium from one slice of that pizza! To put this into perspective your body is meant to have around 460-920mg of sodium a day to function normally, the maximum amount you should have is 2300mg. Therefore a slight piece of pizza means you've already consumed a quarter of your daily intake. 

The countries favourite condiment, tomato sauce, has one tsp of sugar and 100mg of sodium per tablespoon. 

We gravitate to convenience foods such as those pizza bases and other similar products naturally, as we are so busy and they're quick to make. But we should be considering the adverse effects it has on your health.