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All the reasons why not to do a juice cleanse

Food 16/08/2018

A once niche diet, the detox diet is now very much a mainstream way to get skinny. As a result of celebrity endorsements, this way of dieting, going on a detox is labelled as the "cool" way to lose weight. But the benefits are limited and could be doing more harm than could. They aren't based on any science, and there is no research to prove that this way of dieting is beneficial for your health.

People have started to believe that it is necessary to detox your body on occasions. However, Jennifer Haythe, M.D., a cardiologist and internist at Columbia University explains that the only time when this is necessary is if you are an alcohol or drug addict.

Consuming alcohol and drugs are extremely poisonous to your body so this would be the occasion when your body is genuinely in need of a detox.

Dr Haythe also talks about detox not being a healthy change to your lifestyle, and it most definitely doesn't help "flush out" toxins.

She also ads that your organs are already detoxing on their own. Your liver and kidneys are continually detoxing and do not need the help of a juice diet.


Often, when someone tries a ‘detox,’ they end up drinking tons of fruit juice or eating tons of fruit for days on end, says Dr. Haythe. So they’re just consuming huge amounts of sugar, which messes with their insulin levels, which can cause acne, fatigue, and hunger.

And she insists that even if your juice cleanse says its sugar-free, there is no scientific evidence to show that drinking juice only for an extended period helps your health in any way.

She also warns that if you do a juice cleanse, you may end up eating more food than usual as it can make you extremely hungry.