Why buying frozen fish may be best

Food 13/07/2018

Why go frozen? “It is a major win for sustainability,” says Barton Seaver, the Maine-based chef and seafood educator

“It decreases waste and takes advantage of seasonal bounty to spread its availability throughout the year.

Experts agree, as consumers are now often able to buy fish frozen a few hours after being harvested.

“From the introduction of micro-misting to more powerful and rapid deep-freeze technologies at lower temperatures, the process has really turned the frozen product ... into a means to capture pristine quality,” he says.

These days a lot of the fresh fish in the counters can also be days old, or marked as ‘previously frozen’.

Frozen can be a cost effective option that allows you to buy more than needed and saved for later. This means less food waste, guaranteeing it’s a sustainable option for industry and consumer.


Tips for buying frozen

* Terms matter. “Fresh frozen” on the label means the fish was quickly frozen while still fresh, but it does not always mean from a raw state. “Quickly frozen” and “flash frozen” can mean the fish was subjected to a sufficient enough blast of subzero air to freeze it, without any deterioration.

* The fish should be frozen solid, with no trace of liquid in the packaging.

* Never refreeze fish; if you plan to take it home and freeze what you buy, be sure it isn't labelled “previously frozen”.

* Defrost frozen fish after removing it from its original vacuum-sealed, reduced-oxygen packaging. This helps eliminate risk of anaerobic bacteria growth.


Source: Independent