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Supermarket chain introduces BYO containers to reduce waste

Must See 17/09/2018

Auckland mini-chain supermarket Farro Fresh has launched a great first in their Auckland supermarkets. They are now encouraging customers to BYO container for the deli and salad section of their shop.

This has rolled out over their store in Auckland. Hopefully, this will inspire more supermarkets to start a regime like this too.

Foodstuffs are trialling BYO containers at New World Howick, but at this stage, Countdown has ruled out the possibility of them making a feature in their stores. 

Some of the bigger chains are worried about the food hazard and safety processes. However, the co-founder of Farro Janene Draper has argued that it can be managed under effective health and safety.

People have been bringing in their KeepCups coffee cups for three years now," she says. "Which is pretty much the same thing.

Draper says Farro operates under a full hazard plan which will enable the safety of bringing BYO containers.