Jelly Tip Chocolate Cheesecake

In the Kitchen 13/07/2015

Ali Leonard's Jelly Tip Chocolate Cheesecake


- 1 pkt of Griffin's Jelly Tip biscuits

- ½ pkt of plain biscuits (malt or wine)

- 85gms butter

- Matching flavoured (we used Strawberry)

- 1 pkt jelly

- 1 pottle of yoghurt

- 1 slab of Jelly Tip chocolate (or substitute another sort)


1. Whizz biscuits to crumbs and add the butter melted and press the mix into a springform tin

2. Make the jelly up …the packets say 500 mls boiling water …I use 400 mls and when the jelly starts to set …beat in the yoghurt and stir in some bits of the chopped chocolate ….pour on the biscuit base

3. When set decorate with more chocolate.