Corned Beef In The Slow Cooker


This gorgeous recipe is from Alison Holst...


1.5kg piece of corned silverside …preferably even shaped
Approx. 2/3 of large bottle of Ginger Ale
½ orange
1 cinnamon stick
4-6 cloves
2-3 cloves garlic(optional)
6- 8 medium potatoes scrubbed/peeled
Turn slow cooker to LOW


Unwrap and rinse corned beef… place in cooker. Pour Ginger ale into slow cooker to half cover the meat. Use whole bottle if need be... no stress.

Cut Orange into several slices... add to slow cooker with cinnamon stick broken into pieces and the cloves... peel garlic if using and squash each clove and add to cooker.

Place whole potatoes or in big pieces if you prefer around corned beef. Cook on low for about 8 hours... mash potatoes or leave whole… slice meat and serve hot with carrots… cabbage… anything you fancy!

For the sauce melt 25gm butter in a pot… with 1 tbsp of oil… stir in 3 tbsp flour over low heat… then add ½ cup at a time 1 ½ cups of corned beef cooking liquid… stirring or whisking… bring to the boil after each addition.

To turn it into a Mustard sauce stir in 1 rounded  tsp of Dijon Mustard or other mustard… try adding 1 tbsp of sour cream  or cream before bringing sauce back to the boil after… if sauce thickens too much on standing.

Add a bit more cooking liquid to thin.

Here are some other suggestions from Facebook friends:

“I cook mine in gingerale, with peppercorns, bayleafs, etc (same herbs as the original recipe) & it always turns out gr8!”

“Few cloves garlic and a squirt or two of maple syrup

“ Basic. Brown sugar vinegar and cover with water”

“ Add to the corned beef, 1.25litre of Gingerale, the sugar in it breaks down the fibres, once you've had it this way you will never go back”

“1l Shiraz, 6 garlic cloves, 2Tb Brown Sugar, 1 Tb honey, water to cover the meat. Use the broth to reduce down after cooking as gravy.”

“ One bottle of good red .3 onions and 2 desert spoons golden syrup. Cover with water throw in onions and golden syrup season with pepper and the cook drinks the bottle of wine.”

“ husband made last week, Corned beef, carrots, onions, cloves, garlic. Little water, pepper. Put on slow for the day and came delicious”

"Try tablespoon of manuka honey”

“I always put in 1/2 lemon, bay leaf and one onion with water to cover and slow cook......mmmmm...serving with cheese sauce”