Waikanae Crab Cakes Recipe


I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of going to Sausalito, San Francisco – twice in fact, and dining at one of the many fabulous little restaurants right on the bay and enjoying their oh so light and very divine crab-cakes. Now I’m not sure I can absolutely replicate the experience, but I found this wonderful recipe from Dean Bell – Chef & Owner of the institution of a restaurant on Ponsonby Road that is no more – The Anglesea Grill, and thought you may enjoy trying it. It’s done with our very own Waikanae Crabmeat. Now you really want to make this for a special occasion, because it’s not cheap, but some scenarios demand that you really make an effort.



The pure Waikanae crabmeat is handpicked and available on my website in 500gm re-sealable bags. The meat from the New Zealand Paddle Crab, is one of the great delicacies in restaurants all over the country. Processed humanely and with great care, the cooked crabs are painstakingly hand-rolled to extract the meat intact from the shell.


500g of the crabmeat makes about 10 medium-sized patties. 


You’ll need:

3 eggs, lightly beaten                                    1 tbspn white pepper

1 tbspn Colman’s Hot Mustard                  1 tbspn fresh garlic puree

500g crabmeat – flaked or minced           1 cup dried breadcrumbs

Oil for frying                                                      4 heaped tbspns aioli

4 lemon wedges                                              2 tbspns chopped parsley


Mix together the eggs, pepper, mustard and garlic. Add the crabmeat, then stir gently to blend. Form mixture into patties and coat with breadcrumbs. To cook – heat the oil in a frying pan and fry in batches. Flatten gently and cook until brown and crisp. Serve garnished with aioli, lemon and a sprinkle of chopped parsley. 


Serve with a lovely light salad, gourmet bread and a dry, crisp cold white wine – smooth & delicate so it doesn’t interfere with the rich and also delicate crab-cake flavour – not too sweet or too oaky – perhaps a Sauvignon Blanc. If you’re a red wine drinker then you may want to choose a dry red wine like a Shiraz/Syrah.


Order your Waikanae Crabmeat from www.tastesfromaroundnz.co.nz   Allow a few days before you want to cook it, as it is ordered on request.


By Karen Pervan