When The Cats Away: The Reunion

When The Cats Away: The Reunion

The unheard story about one of NZ’s favourite groups.
9 November 2023

The Breeze is excited to bring you a new exclusive podcast: When The Cat’s Away: The Reunion.

In June 2023, one of New Zealand’s most cherished bands ever When The Cat’s Away announced that they were reuniting for a one-night-only event to honour their friend and fellow bandmate Margaret Urlich who passed away late last year.

In this podcast you’ll follow Robert Scott as he gains behind-the-scene access to photoshoots, rehearsals all in preparation to their gig at Auckland’s Town Hall. Plus, tune in to hear exclusive one on one interviews with each bandmate; career highs and lows pre and post the bands formation in 1985.

It's the unheard story of one of NZ’s favourite groups.

Available to listen on the ROVA app or wherever you get your podcasts.