More Kiwis losing sleep due to high stress says study

health 05/07/2018

The daily stresses of work and home life are wreaking havoc on Kiwis' sleeping habits, according to a new survey.

A sleep census by Sealy New Zealand reveals that 50 percent of New Zealanders are currently feeling stressed to the point that it's affecting their sleep.

Stress at work was ranked highly by Kiwis, with 40 percent of people saying work stresses were impacting the quality of their sleep, while 28 percent also listed stress at home as a barrier to sleep.

Dr Tony Fernando, an insomnia and sleep specialist from the University of Auckland, says "stress and very busy minds are two of the top causes" for keeping people awake.

However, Dr Fernando says there are many ways to help combat stress in the quest for a better night's sleep, suggesting that going to bed earlier doesn't necessarily mean a better sleep.

"Even though adults require an average of eight hours sleep, many people function extremely well with only six or seven hours. Sometimes, not going to bed until you are sleepy can really help."

When you go to bed sleepy, the brain does not have the energy to worry.

He also suggests listening to soft music, using mindfulness and breathing techniques to help calm down your worries.

The sleep census also unearthed some other interesting insights about New Zealanders' sleeping habits.

The survey revealed that Canterbury is the place to be for getting more sleep each night. Eighty-one percent of Cantabrians reported getting seven to eight hours sleep each night, compared to the nationwide average of 61 percent.

As far as sleep routines go, people aged 60 and older are the most consistent with their sleeping habits, with fewer daytime naps and regular sleeping patterns throughout the week, including weekends.

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