Airlines honours man his travel prize unclaimed for 83 years

travel 06/07/2018

In 1935, seven-year-old Arnold Neahus won a very special prize. It was a flight around Amsterdam on KLM Dutch Airlines.

However he couldn't go on the flight as his sister was sick with a highly infectious disease, scarlet fever.

So, his prize was put away for 83 years, until his granddaughter wrote to the airline's board of directors and asked them if they'd still honour the ticket.

So the airline teamed up with his seven-year-old great-grandson, Jagger, to give Mr Neahus a special flight for his 90th birthday.

In a video shared to YouTube, Jagger, accompanied by two KLM stewardesses, comes to pick up "Grandpa Nol" up for an unforgettable flight, making his dream come true.

To his joy, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines still flies propeller planes, just as they did when he was just a boy - and he finally got to take to the sky for the flight he won as a child.