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Ways to get rid of plastic in your home

life 15/06/2018

With supermarkets going plastic bag free, it's a good time to start thinking about how you can reduce general plastic in your day to day life. Australia and New Zealand are rank highly on the list of the most wastage per person, and plastic and plastic bags are the biggest culprits. Luckily there is a way to combat this amount of waste in small, manageable steps, which you can start introducing into the household. 

Government set to introduce single-use plastic bag ban

Swap takeaway paper cups for reusable ones

Just because they're paper does not mean they're recyclable. Even if they have green leaf and eco sings on them. It is much better for the environment to buy a reusable coffee cup, the crucial part of this is remembering to bring it every time you get a coffee!

Go strawless!

This one is super simple, whenever you are ordering a drink, whether it's a smoothie or a soft drink. Just ask to have it without a straw, as these go straight into our waterways and can be very harmful to the sea life. As an alternative investment in some good reusable metal straws for around the house, an excellent option for the kids as well!

Café owner creates Pasta Straws to curb plastic problem

Swap out packed groceries 

Everyone knows or is soon going to be forced to use reusable shopping bags at supermarkets. But one that slips the mind can be the individually packaged groceries. Instead of getting lettuce all wrapped up in plastic choose a naked one, or instead of using plastic bags to put vegetables in, swap that with the paper bag which is used for mushrooms. 

Stop using cling film

Glad wrap is a strong reason why are wastage levels are so high. Instead of using cling film every day try only use plastic containers to store food. Even though it may seem like you have to do a lot more work washing all of these, it is significantly more beneficial for the environment and will save you money in the long run!