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Avoid these foods to avoid stress!

life 18/06/2018

If you are majorly overwhelmed and sometimes stressed, the root of the problem could be the food your eating. We all know if you eat too much sugar you have a crash eventually and greasy foods make you feel sluggish and weighed down. But there have been some foods which have been proven to affect your stress levels in the long term. 

A new study performed by ScienceDaily has proven that eating high saturated fat foods can decrease the stress-coping skills within your system. This study was conducted on rats eating high saturated food, and then they examined their behaviour, and in the long term the rats found it increasingly difficult to cope with stress, this would be mirrored in an adult diet. 

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The scary part is that scientists have discovered that this is the most influential during your teenage years. Meaning if at high school you at plenty of high-fat foods you could now be struggling to cope with stress as a side effect. This is educational in the fact that our teenagers should be eating less of this type of food to limit the harmful effects of high-fat saturated foods. This also affects their ability to learn and concentrate, which is something that some people may have experienced already and have lasting damage from eating this type of food as a teenager a lot. 

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It's not all bad, however, as some of these high-fat saturated foods are good for you. Not fast food and the classic bad foods, but the omega 6 high-fat foods help your brain power. This is items such as a brazil nut and other plant-based foods, which can consequently help the levels of stress you experience.

However like all healthy lifestyles, its all about balance. There's no stopping you from having hips every once in a while but make sure it is a balanced diet and foods with the bad fats are eaten in moderation to ensure you maintain a high level of health.