Soon you'll be able to sleep, drink and play in cargo hold of airplanes

Airbus has announced they will work with Zodiac Aerospace to develop an entirely new way of traveling long haul.

This follows on from Qantas CEO Alan Joyce's comments earlier this month that he wants to achieve bunk-bed style flying on non-stop flights between Sydney and London.

The new bunk class will consist of modules that can slide into the cargo hold of an aircraft and be easily removed if the flight is required to take cargo.

Just like cargo containers, these custom made modules can be loaded and unloaded from an aircraft's cargo hold within the normal flight turn around period.

Each module would house a group of bunk beds for passengers to sleep on.

Zodiac is also working on children's playground modules and bar and lounge modules for adults.

Airbus plans to have the modules ready to go initially on A330 aircraft within a few years.

Airbus say they have already received positive feedback from several airlines after mock-up's of the bunk modules were released at an airshow in Hamburg.

The aircraft manufacturer said the new product would be available for order on new Airbus A330's from 2020. They are also looking into the possibility of building sleeping compartments for their new A350 aircraft.