Pink gives advice on raising strong kids

trending 24/04/2018

Pink is a mother of two and often shares details about her kids, including how she is raising them.

“I’m a truth-teller,” she said.

“I tell my daughter the truth. I let her be 6, but I want her to know about fairness and kindness, and that you have to fight for your rights, and that sometimes girls aren’t paid as much as boys for the same job, and girls aren’t treated the same and that they have to work harder for everything.”

Pink and her husband Carey Hart say that they know what sort of kids they want to raise.

"He wants [daughter Willow] to be tough. And I want Jameson to be allowed to be sensitive," she says. "So between the two of us, we'll try not to create two monsters."

She says her daughter Willow is"very literal. She’s got a scientific brain. She’s really funny, really sassy, a little too smart.”

While baby Jameson is the "most social baby I’ve ever met in my life."

"He’s a hilarious baby. With a temper. He bit me! I got bit yesterday for the first time in my whole life. I couldn’t believe it.”

“I’m a tough mama,” she tells People Magazine. “I expect a lot. I have a high bar for myself and for others, and it’s not easy to be loved by me. But she gets it and she’s smart, and thoughtful because of it.”