Red wine and dark chocolate can beat wrinkles, says study

trending 13/11/2017

The secret for a youthful look? Red wine and chocolate! 

A recent study suggests that these two treats may be able to help stop wrinkles, and in fact rejuvinate your skin.

As we get older, cells in our body become damaged and find it harder to repair themselves - creating wrinkles.

The study exposed some of these damaged cells to the same chemicals in dark chocolate and red wine and found some exciting results, it reversed some of the damage!

“When I saw some of the cells rejuvenating I could not believe it.” the researcher said.

“These old cells were looking like young cells. It was like magic.”

“Our data suggests that using chemicals to switch back on genes switched off as we age might provide a means to restore function to old cells.”

“This is a first step in trying to make people live normal lifespans, but with health for their entire life” the study concluded.

Source: The Sun