Meryl Streep reveals her beauty secret that costs nothing

trending 18/10/2017

Meryl Streep always looks amazing and people are often commenting on her incredible skin.

It's very hard to believe she is 68.

Her secret is surprising however and doesn't cost a thing!

She simply refrains from touching her face to maintain her radiant skin, according to journalist Fi Glover.

‘When she was in the Iron Lady playing Margaret Thatcher [2011], her film company decided to do something different because of that junket thing that’s just so bloody tedious and everyone just goes through the motions’, Miss Glover said.

‘So the director had a dinner party at Meryl Streep’s house where she cooked an extremely nice cauliflower curry. And Meryl was there with her daughter and obviously places were limited.’

Miss Glover, who was at the party alongside Woman’s Hour presenter Dame Jenni Murray, told her Fortunately podcast: ‘Do you know what Meryl told me that evening?

‘We were talking about beauty tips, it was a fascinating evening full of political discussion and engagement.

‘She said that her one beauty secret was never to touch her face. She never touches her face.’

Repeatedly touching your face can spread bacteria and even cause infection.

Take note from the beautiful Meryl and try not to touch your face often - it will do you wonders!

Source: Daily Mail