Kiwi twin babies become overnight celebrities

New Zealand 12/07/2017

A pair of Timaru twins have become overnight celebrities, simply for being wobbly and adorable.

A video of baby boys Micah and Noah seated on their mother's vibrating powerfit machine has been viewed on Facebook more than 25 million times.

It's also garnered more than 185,000 likes and has been shared almost 500,000 times.

The mother of the boys, Kelly Thomas, told Fairfax she's been fending off international offers to manage the publicity of the clip.

"It's in Sweden, it's In Asia, and it's in America. It's just gone crazy," she said.

Ms Thomas said her sister, who was visiting their home, filmed the boys' on the machine and decided to share it with Christchurch-based healthy living blogger Ellie Haines.

It was a response to a video of Ms Haines on a Powerfit machine eating KFC, which was posted on her Facebook page Loving Ellie's Belly.