This new Titanic theory explains why Rose couldn't save Jack

Must See 04/05/2017

Since the Titanic was released in 1997 there has been a lot of talk about why Jack couldn't fit on the door with Rose.

According to the latest theory online, Jack was never real.

The theory states Rose was so upset about having to marry her arrogant fiancé, Cal, she invented the spontaneous and romantic Jack Dawson to be the complete counterpart to Cal.

That explains why Jack first appears to Rose when she’s considering killing herself to get out of her engagement, she invented him in her emotional state as a means of saving her own life.

An the theory also points to the fact one of the researchers in the present-day portion of the film says there was no record of Jack Dawson on the Titanic. 

This theory would also explain one of the most frustrating aspects of the film, why Jack couldn't have fit on the door next to Rose and survived.

However a few months ago the film director James Camera shut down theories that Jack could have fit on the door with Rose.

There are also a couple of other flaws in the theory, like the reason why there isn’t a record of Jack on the Titanic because he won his ticket in a card game right before the ship set sail, so he would have boarded under another name. 

And Jack interacts with a lot of characters besides Rose, like his friend he’s travelling with and Rose’s family.

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