School nurse goes viral with hilarious Adele parody

Must See 11/05/2017

A middle school nurse in America has gone viral with her hilarious parody of Adele's hit Hello.

Kelli Petersen changed the lyrics to fit to her daily interactions with school kids, which are often quite gross.

She said she got the idea when she was walking through the hallway at her school, Mediapolis Elementary School.

"I love to sing and my principal is just as silly as I am," Petersen told 2News over the phone. "We were walking down the hall one day and student passed by, said hello and then the song popped in my head. I started to think, 'Hello, it's me. I'm the nurse for Mediapolis Elementary.'"

She said she loves her job and was overwhelmed with how many reactions her video got online.

Petersen released the video two days before National School Nurse Day, which is on May 10.

The video has already had over 30,000 views.