Matariki the Wellington whale returns to potentially birth

NZ 18/07/2018

Update: Turns out the whale spotted was fake...

A video sent around claimed that they captured footage of Matariki today off the Wellington port, but further checks showed that this video was old footage.

Original story below:

Wellington's newest popular resident, Matariki, looks to have returned to the Wellington shore. And this time, she could be giving birth.

The whale was sighted right by the Wellington port today, relaxing quite close to the wall, with spectators still able to see her under the surface.

Research says mating season for whales is between June to October, with peak birth numbers in August. And Southern Hemisphere Right Whales prefer giving birth in shallow and calm sandy bays.

Matariki left the bay last week after her week's stay in the harbour, which delayed the Wellington Matariki fireworks.