Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Bill English for spaghetti pizza

funny 07/04/2017

US late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has launched a stinging attack on Prime Minister Bill English - all because he put spaghetti and pineapple on a pizza.

Mr English posted a photo of his divisive creation on his Facebook page on Tuesday, asking people to give it a 'like' if they agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza.

The image went on to make international headlines but perhaps the strongest criticism came overnight, when Kimmel urged New Zealanders to oust Mr English over his "offensive" snack.

"We can be pretty hard on Donald Trump but they have a guy in New Zealand, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, a gentleman named Bill English, who I think is even worse and I'm going to show you why," Kimmel said, before showing the audience Mr English's post.

"He put canned spaghetti and pineapples on a pizza - this motherf***er.

"That is so offensive, that is an act of war. I think he just declared war on Italy and maybe Hawaii too.

"Impeach that man immediately, New Zealand. This is why I've always preferred Old Zealand."

Mr English attempted to defend the pizza on Thursday, blaming it on his children.

"I quite often cook on a Monday night for the household and I had been goaded by my children about how my Facebook needed, every now and again, something a bit more personal," he told MoreFM on Thursday.

"I know, like everyone else, they are absolutely fascinated by public policy, but sometimes they like it spiced up a bit, y'know?"

He said store-bought pizzas just don't have enough "stuff" on them.