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Prince Harry finds Archie's four-year-old 'squeaky' voice twin

Prince Harry finds Archie's four-year-old 'squeaky' voice twin

Prince Harry shares sweet update on kids Archie and Lilibet.
12 October 2022 12:28PM

Prince Harry chatted with a four-year-old named Henry Waine who had won the inspirational child aged four to seven category at the 2022 WellChild awards.

"I was supposed to be the one giving it you. I- sadly was not able to be there. I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet Henry," Prince told Henry.

"That's alright," Henry said. 

Prince Harry laughed as he sensed a familiarity with little Henry's voice.

"Tell you, you just sound just like my son, Archie. The same little squeaky voice. I love it," Prince said. 

Later on, Henry asked the Duke how his kids were doing.

"How is Archie and Lilibet doing," Henry asked.

"They're doing great" Duke responded.

"Archie is very, very busy. And Lily is learning to use her voice, which is great" he added.

Prince Harry also revealed that Archie has a giraffe toy named "Gerald".

During the group call with the 2022 WellChild award winners, he told that his family have three “emotional support dogs” – a black Labrador, Pula, as well as rescue beagles Guy and Mia.

Between the three of them they charge around chasing squirrels and causing all sorts of problems for us every day" Prince Harry said.

“But they’re also emotional support dogs – 100%! When they’re behaving," he added.