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The Queen and Prince Philip's most recent portrait criticised over 'Photoshop fails'

The Queen and Prince Philip's most recent portrait criticised over 'Photoshop fails'

Eagle-eyed royal fans have noticed a few fishy details.

Prince Philip has just turned 99! And the Duke of Edinburgh has said of spent his milestone birthday at Windsor Castle with the Queen.

The day was marked by the Royal family by sharing a brand new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip standing side-by-side outside of Windsor.

However, eagle-eyed royal fans couldn't help but nit-pick at the portrait - noticing a few details were more than a little fishy.

One fan revealed, on closer inspection the image shows a telltale lighting discrepancy between the somewhat shadowy royals and the overexposed backdrop.

Furthermore, something is going on with the Queen’s hands that even the most loyal royal follower couldn’t help but notice.

“Have they photoshopped the Queen's hands into the photo with Prince Philip?!” one woman wrote on Twitter. “If so, why?”

“That dark shadow around the hand makes it look like it's been cut from another photo.”

“It seems photoshopped,” one person wrote in the comments.

“Do you need help with the photoshop guys?” one person asked.

“This photo doesn't look natural, correct me if I am wrong,” another wrote, sparking no correction from other users.

“...Philip seems to be using a truly hectic Snapchat filter,” another pointed out.

But others ignored those speculating and simply wished the royal, a very happy 99th birthday.