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‘Heartbreaking’: How Newshub’s big names reacted to 'incredibly sad' news of being closed down
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‘Heartbreaking’: How Newshub’s big names reacted to 'incredibly sad' news of being closed down

"I feel sick about this."

Mike McRoberts, Melissa Chan-Green, Lloyd Burr and other Newshub personalities have all shared emotional reactions after it was announced the company will be shutting down

All staff were told the 'heartbreaking' news in a meeting yesterday, with up to 300 people set to lose their jobs. 

In the nearly 24 hours since the news broke, most of the high-profile names have shared their thoughts and emotions. Some gave motivational speeches while others fought back tears and thanked their audience. 

Patrick Gower

During the staff meeting, Paddy Gower stood up and addressed his colleagues, empowering them to remember the good they have achieved together. 

"I know lots of you are frightened and sad,” he said, per Stuff, “but you just have to remember, when everything happens once we get out of here, that you have been part of something amazing."

Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts

Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts, co-hosts of the 6 PM news bulletin, both called it “heartbreaking”. 

“It’s a newsroom brimming with talent & enthusiasm,” Hayes tweeted. “I just feel so incredibly sad for everyone today.”

"We have had cuts and we have survived cuts in the past,” McRoberts said, "but to lose the whole news operation and entity that is so entwined in the fabric of our society in Aotearoa, it is absolutely heartbreaking.”

“We’re a pretty good newsroom. If we can’t make it work, who can?” he told reporters earlier. 

Melissa Chan-Green and Lloyd Burr

This morning’s ‘AM show’ started with host Melissa Chan-Green holding back tears as she greeted the audience. 

“I can’t explain how wonderful it is to have your company this morning,” she said. “You’ve likely seen the news that our company has decided to shut down Newshub from June.”

“Some people have been asking: ‘Does that affect ‘AM’ too?’. ‘AM’ and Newshub are one in the same, we’re all part of the same family  - so yes, that does mean the end of ‘AM’ too.”

Melissa’s co-host Lloyd Burr was also visibly emotional but was able to have a bit of fun too. Showing off his Titanic suit pin on Instagram, he wrote that it “is pretty apt”

Guy Williams

Guy Williams joined ‘AM’ later on and said he “would be freaking out.”

“This is literally NZ democracy at stake. I feel sick about this.”

This news affects all New Zealanders, but our aroha goes out to everyone at Newshub: Thank you for all your hard work.