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'Raw talent': Freddie Mercury's incredible isolated vocals on hit song are going viral again
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'Raw talent': Freddie Mercury's incredible isolated vocals on hit song are going viral again

"Simply the best."

Resurfaced audio of Freddie Mercury's isolated vocals is reminding many people that he was insanely talented. 

Posted to Instagram by singer/songwriter Will Anderson, the audio clip contains the Queen frontman’s isolated vocals for the hit song ‘Somebody To Love’. Anderson’s post has been viewed over 1 million times and liked hundreds of thousands of times. 

“I’m smiling so much in this because these Freddie Mercury isolated vocals singing 'Somebody to Love' by Queen are so, so, so ridiculous,” the caption reads. 

Commenters on the post are in awe of Freddie’s talent and many are calling him the greatest vocalist of all time. 

“His voice is THE standard others can only dream to aspire to,” one person wrote. 

“The voice plus that incredible stage presence = one of a kind,” said another. 

“Freddy is simply the best,” a third added. “The greatest voice ever. It's a real voice, not something you hear nowadays - it’s imperfect but so amazing.”

“And no auto-tune,” one more wrote. “Just raw talent.”

Despite many fans believing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is Queen’s best song (and some say the best song of all time), Freddie saw ‘Somebody To Love’ as a better song because of the lyrics. 

“From my point of view,” he said in a documentary clip posted to the band’s official YouTube channel, “ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ - okay, it was a big hit, but I think a song like ‘Somebody To Love’ in my estimation, from a writing aspect, is a better song.”

Drummer Roger Taylor explains that the track is based on the sound of one of Freddie’s greatest musical inspirations. 

“‘Somebody To Love’ is Aretha Franklin-influenced,” he told Circus Magazine in 1997. “Freddie's very much into that.”

“We tried to keep the track in a loose, gospel-type feel. I think it's the loosest track we've ever done.”

Freddie really is one of the greatest artists of all time, and thankfully, clips like this show his work will live on forever.