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'It's Time': Watch Mariah Carey's Official Defrosting Ahead Of Christmas
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'It's Time': Watch Mariah Carey's Official Defrosting Ahead Of Christmas

The Queen of Christmas has spoken...
3 November 2023 1:12PM

The undisputed Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, has hit the ground running with an early embrace of the festive season. 

She has wasted no time at all diving headfirst into the holiday spirit immediately after Halloween night came to an end. 

Mariah shared a hilarious video clip of herself being 'defrosted' in a tight, festive Mrs Claus outfit. 

The clip opens with an icy vault, counting down to November 1st. As the clock ticks over, the icy vault creaks open, revealing a group of masked Halloween ghouls working hard to melt a massive block of ice containing a hibernating Mariah Carey.

Those signature whistle tones give that final blow, breaking the ice and revealing Mariah, suited up in a stunning red velvet jumpsuit trimmed with fur. 

We all know that Mariah pretty much embodies everything about Christmas, and has reigns supreme on the music scene every December, likely making an annual killing with all of her Christmas royalties.

Fans of Mariah Carey were sent into a festive frenzy from the video.

"I love that she acknowledged the 'she’s defrosting' meme, this just makes me love her even more," one fan wrote. 

Another wrote: "The queen of Christmas has defrosted. The bells are sleighing. The Christmas tree is up. Christmas carols are playing. Let the chart domination begin! #itstime."

"The biggest defrosting of the year," said a third.

While Halloween is firmly in the rearview mirror, and the thought of Christmas now might be a little spooky to some, there's no doubt that it’s time we start thinking about our…. Christmas shopping!