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Stevie Nicks says she sees her 27yo self when she looks at the new Barbie made in her likeness
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Stevie Nicks says she sees her 27yo self when she looks at the new Barbie made in her likeness

"I am her and she is me."

Stevie Nicks is thrilled to be immortalised with her own Barbie.

The Fleetwood Mac singer is the latest star to be immortalised as the iconic doll for Mattel's music series.

While performing at New York's Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Stevie introduced her lookalike doll for the first time.

"I have something very exciting to share with you a few hours before the rest of the world," she announced during the show.

"I was very overwhelmed. Will she be like me? Will she have my spirit? Will she have my heart?"

The doll, which was inspired by the album cover of 1977's Rumours, wears a '70s-style black velvet and chiffon dress complete with flowing sleeves and knee-high heeled boots. The doll also holds a tambourine and sports Stevie's trademark blunt fringe.

The 75-year-old stated that she has been carrying her Barbie with her over the past three months.

"When I look at her I see my 27-year-old self," she shared. "I am her and she is me."

In a separate interview with USA Today, Stevie revealed that she had been involved in the process of creating the doll.

"When Mattel first sent her to me, I told them her eyebrows are a little too arched and my eye make-up, if you go back to the Seventies, it was very Twiggy with lots of eyelashes and that doe-eyed look," she explained. "So I said you need to raise that dark eyeshadow above the fold in her eye and that will fix it. And I said we need to see a little bit of teeth."

The Dreams singer continued, "And then when I got her on June 22, I opened her up and I went, 'She's just perfect.' This little Barbie is so precious and they helped her have my soul. If nobody else in the world got her but me, I'd almost be OK with that."

Other stars who have their own Barbies include Katy Perry, Zendaya, Elton John and Jennifer Lopez.