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Missing 2yo Willow reunites with family in West Auckland

WATCH: West Auckland community cheerful as missing 2yo girl Willow reunites with family

"I'm going to take her home, inside now."

The heart-wrenching news of a missing toddler from West Auckland has ended on the happiest note for friends and family. Two-year-old Willow, who vanished from her home in Henderson, has been found safe, much to the relief of the entire community.

The toddler went missing from her yard, where she'd been playing with her sibling. Panic set in as family, police, and hundreds of concerned locals came together to search for the young girl.

The police eagle helicopter, Search and Rescue and LandSAR also searched the area for the Willow.

Imagine the relief that swept over everyone when Willow returned back safe and sound! 

A crowd gathered outside the house where Willow had dissapeared earlier in the day to show their love and supprt for her and her family.


There were many hugs and smiles of relief going around. 

According to Stuff, Willow's Aunty, shared words of grattitude for the community who joined in the search for Willow.

"I'm going to take her home, inside now," she can be heard saying in a video obtained by the publication.


Inspector Jason Holman from the police force also acknowledged the amazing support of the community, praising their incredible effort and dedication.

He told RNZ: “There was a fantastic response from the community, who assisted with the search and provided support.”

Speaking of dedication, Willow's cousin, Aroha Tecklenberg added: "We know nearly everyone on this street here, and they're all lovely people. They've come over. They brought us food. They know Willow and we've walked Willow around here so many times.”

Willow's return brought a beautiful end to an intense and emotional day.