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Watch Susan Boyle's 'unbelievable' return to BGT after suffering a stroke last year
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Watch Susan Boyle's 'unbelievable' return to BGT after suffering a stroke last year

She has graced the 'Britain's Got Talent' stage once again!

Guess who made an incredible comeback on 'Britain's Got Talent'? None other than the wonderful Susan Boyle! 

But while we were excited to see her back on the stage, Susan shared some shocking news that took everyone by surprise.

During the final, Susan revealed that she had battled through a stroke that left her speech "almost unintelligible." Can you believe it? 

During her recent performance on ‘Britain's Got Talent’, Susan sang her iconic audition piece, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from ‘Les Mis’. The crowd went wild! 

Susan flashed a smile at the audience and explained how it felt for her to be back on the BGT stage. 

"It feels great! It's extra special for me because last April, I suffered a minor stroke. I thought it would be crazy to be back on stage, but I did it!"

Simon Cowell expressed his disbelief at Susan's strength. He said: "Unbelievable, Susan! We owe you so much, and I knew you weren't well. But if anyone was going to come back, it was going to be you. We wouldn't be the same without you! You are amazing."

Susan had to relearn how to speak clearly and even underwent intensive vocal coaching to regain her singing prowess. Talk about dedication! 

Over the course of a year, she poured her heart and soul into this journey, all while dealing with significant muscle weakness, a dropped face, and slurred speech.

According to The Daily Mail, Susan was in tip-top shape the day before the stroke hit her last April. Her PA, Geraldine, bid her goodnight like any other day. 

But the next morning, when Geraldine returned, it was clear that something was wrong. Susan, being the brave soul she is, managed to walk but had a dropped face and slurred speech. It was tough to decipher what she was saying, bless her heart.

Now, you can imagine the fears that arose when people wondered if Susan would ever sing again. 

She's sold a whopping 25 million albums in her career, and singing is her passion. But despite her worries, she didn't let it break her spirit.

After the crisis passed and she left the hospital, she hired a private speech therapist and embarked on a rigorous journey of therapy and vocal coaching.

Of course, given the risk of a second stroke, Susan's management team is keeping a close eye on her commitments. They want to make sure she's not overdoing it. 

Susan is the kind of person who's happiest when she's on that stage, belting out those incredible tunes. She's surrounded by a small team who's got her back, making sure she stays healthy.

Back in 2009, Susan took the world by storm on ‘Britain's Got Talent’, making it all the way to the finals. We’re so glad she got to grace the stage once again!