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Apparently 47 is the most depressing age, but Jacquie Brown says 'no way' is that stopping her
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Apparently 47 is the most depressing age, but Jacquie Brown says 'no way' is that stopping her

"Age is like 'ah, responsibility, ah debt, ah career'..."

One age in particular has been scientifically proven to be the ultimate downer - 47! I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but numerous studies have shown that happiness takes a nosedive in your 40s.

Apparently, it's all because of the pressures of work, the lack of new adventures, money concerns, and the weight of adulting.

But fear not, because our very own Kiwi television presenter, the wonderful Jaquie Brown, is on a mission to defy the odds and shout a resounding "no way!" from happiness slump rooftops. 

She turned the big 4-7 this year, and instead of falling into the gloomy trap, she's embraced her 40s with great pleasure. 

One of the ways she's done that and "reminded herself how lucky she is to be alive" is by joining Tourism Fiji to design 'The 40-Something Getaway'.  A series of holiday experiences for Kiwis that are designed to bring a bit of happiness… even if you're in your 40s.

Jaquie has discovered the secret to staying cheerful in this wild stage of life, and she's spilled the beans to The Breeze’s very own Robert and Jeanette.

”I think the issue for a lot of people at that age is like 'ah, responsibility, ah debt, ah career, ah, I can't make it to the gym'. Not everybody feels like that, but some," she said.

"The old peri-meno is coming at me hard and fast. I actually am loving my 40s but this is why: I have gone into myself more and done things for myself which are in the self-care realm.

And that's why this 40-something getaway resonated with me so much. It's all about giving those things to yourself that you possibly haven't.

I went on this great boat where we were snorkelling off the side looking at fish, I was squealing at all the fish… I went down a slide into the sea. Just things that make you realise how lucky you are to be alive and just enjoy yourself a bit more where possibly you wouldn't at home. You'd be in the cold going, 'I hate my life' and you don't need to.”

So, let's inject some happiness into our lives, even if society tells us we're in the "danger zone." We don't need that negativity—we're here to bask in the sunshine of our own joy!