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Adele confesses on stage her performance outfits caused her to contract an itchy infection

There's no Grammy Award winner quite like Adele!

Adele has contracted a fungal infection as a result of her tight-fitting stage costumes.

The 35-year-old singer explained sweating under the lights while performing at her Las Vegas residency had caused her to develop a skin condition commonly known as jock itch - which affects the upper thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen - because she spent so much time "sitting" in her own perspiration.

Speaking on stage at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace over the weekend, she said: "Obviously when I do my shows I wear Spanx and keep it all in and make it all fit me.

"And I sweat a lot and it doesn't go anywhere. So basically I just sit in my own sweat. And my doctor gave me Jock Itch.

"So it looks like I am an athlete basically, so I have to squirt it on myself. I don't know why the f*** I just told you that!'

"Talking of body acne I have started weightlifting again like no one's business. And I am absolutely loving it."

The 'I Drink Wine' hitmaker also admitted she was left "a bit frightened" after a four-hour karaoke session during a recent vacation to the Dominican Republic left her worried she'd damaged her voice.

She said: "I got a bit frightened. I was hoarse. I didn't speak for two days afterwards.

"Another time I did all-nighter, which I am too old to do now.

"I went to bed at 9am. And I can't do that anymore. It is fun to go out on a big one. But never again. I like to be in bed by 9PM and not AM."

Adele was returning to the stage following a three-month break from her residency and she told the crowd she was thrilled to be back, though she'd been hit by an attack of nerves before stepping out on stage,

She said: "All week I had just been buzzing and right then I was stood right there (behind the curtain) and I s*** myself!

'We had a very long break and I am gassed to be back. I was bored out of my brains. Somehow I missed you. It is a lovely change. I genuinely love doing these shows and it is the highlight of my week. I was desperate to get back. It is a whole new meaning."