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Watch the first official trailer for 'John Farnham: Finding The Voice'
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Watch the first official trailer for 'John Farnham: Finding The Voice'

The Aussie singer is being featured in a documentary that shows his struggles making a name, and making the song ''You're The Voice'
12 April 2023 11:06AM

Fans of legendary Aussie singer John Farnham are in for a treat with the first trailer released for the upcoming documentary, "Finding the Voice".

This documentary takes a deep dive into John's rollercoaster career, from his rise to fame, growing up in the spotlight, recording the iconic song 'You're The Voice', and his impact on the music industry.

The trailer of the documentary was written and directed by Poppy Stockell, and features interviews with famous friends like Celine Dion and Robbie Williams.

“His voice was incredible,” Celine shares, with Robbie agreeing: “It fills in the gap where religion should be”.

"Finding the Voice" also takes a closer look at Farnham's personal life, including his family and his struggles with his 1986 comeback album 'Whispering Jack' which went on to become the highest-selling Australian album of all time.

John Farnham has been in and out of hospital in the past year, after a cancerous growth was found in his mouth. The singer's wife shared that he had recovered from his major 12-hour surgery, however, he was hospitalised last week with a respiratory infection.

Take a look at the first official trailer for the documentary above!