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This 80’s cult classic is due for a revamp with Elizabeth Banks at the helm
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This 80’s cult classic is due for a revamp with Elizabeth Banks at the helm

A remake of the cult 1985 film 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' is in development with Elizabeth Banks serving as a producer.

A remake of 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' is in the works.

Village Roadshow are to produce a modern-day take on the cult 1985 romantic comedy dance film that starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery and Helen Hunt.

Marja Lewis-Ryan is co-writing the script for the movie together with Allie Romano while Elizabeth Banks is producing with Max Handelman for the duo's Brownstone Productions company.

The original flick centred on army brat Janey Glenn (Parker) who attends a strict Catholic high school in Chicago and has to contend with an even stricter father at home.

Janey decides to follow her passion for dance and with the encouragement of her new best friend (Hunt), auditions for the local TV dance show.

Hiding from dad, dealing with competition from a spoiled country club and first kiss all feature in her growing up.

The movie was inspired by Cyndi Lauper's hit song but the pop star did not want to be associated with the film and did not allow her tune to be used.

The remake aims to keep the celebration of female friendship, the humour and the heart, as well as the dance numbers.

Elizabeth recently directed the film 'Cocaine Bear' and explained how she wanted to bust some myths by helming the movie – about a bear that goes on a murderous rampage after ingesting a bag full of cocaine.

The 49-year-old star said: "I definitely wanted to make something muscular and masculine.

"I wanted to break down some of the mythology around what kinds of movies women are interested in making. For some bizarre reason, there are still executives in Hollywood who are like, 'I don't know if women can do technical stuff.' There are literally people who are like, 'Women don't like math.' It just persists."