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Sarah chats with Dr. Libby
Dr Libby reveals the insane amount of sugar we eat in a year
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Dr. Libby reveals shocking amount of sugar Kiwis consume in a year

"Sugar actually leads our brain to produce dopamine, which is why it feels addictive."

World Health Organization recommends eating only six teaspoons of sugar per day. 

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, we're consuming 37 teaspoons of sugar per day per person. And if you eat this amount of sugar every day you're eating a total of 45kg of sugar in a year - which sounds insane!

"When it's phrased like that, it's kind of confronting, but it's so hidden, in our processed and packaged foods. Once upon a time, they were for birthday parties, whereas they've become part of every day" Dr. Libby told Sarah.

Dr. Libby explained how we have a physical connection to sugar and an emotional reliance on it which makes it difficult to not crave sugar. 

"Sugar actually leads our brain to produce dopamine, which is why it feels addictive. So like other drugs, sugar leads us to get that pleasure kind of effect. But unfortunately, when we start off having a little bit of sugar and it gives us a dopamine hit, we end up requiring more and more sugar to get that same dopamine effect" Dr Libby explained.

"And the food supply is getting sweeter as well, unfortunately. So our palates are really geared towards wanting the sweet stuff. "

In order to transition away from reliance on sugar, Dr. Libby has helped people shift their focus via her new program 'Shake Off Sugar'.

"I help people to shift their reliance on that dopamine hit from the sugar, away from sugar and get pleasure from other things which require is shifting our focus and actually recognizing. I love watching the sunrise or I love exercising or I love watching my children sleep and appreciating how precious they are" Dr Libby said. 

 And it's so it's doing more of those things while you're transitioning away from that reliance on sugar, it can make a big difference.

Dr. Libby talked about her new program Shake Off Sugar, a 6-week program designed to recover peoples energy and vitality, enhance the quality of your life, and help shift your alliance with sugar. For more information go to www.drlibby.com

Watch the video above to find out if Dr. Libby ever eats sugar.