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Ed Sheeran young girl Wellington
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10yo Kiwi girl joined Ed Sheeran to sing 'Galway Girl' on-stage after he 'forgot' the words

The young girl just sang to a record-breaking crowd.

Ed Sheeran wowed a record-breaking 48,000 fans at Wellington’s Sky Stadium last night, but the pressure may have proven too much for the star when he “forgot the lyrics” to one of his biggest hits. Luckily, a 10-year-old girl had Ed’s back and covered for him - phew!

After stopping during the performance of ‘Galway Girl’, the artist told the crowd he was getting in his own head, convincing himself he was going to forget the lyrics.

“In my head, I was going ‘don’t mess up the words, don’t mess up the words’,” Ed repeated.

Despite not knowing the lyrics to one of his biggest tunes Ed was lucky to have a full crowd of people willing to help, including lucky Palmerston North girl Pippa, who saved the show.

After joining Ed on stage, nerves seemed to kick in and Pippa quietly admitted she might not remember every lyric to the song, so Ed said that he would help her out if she got stuck.

The pair then began their duet, with Sheeran dancing around the stage as he played the guitar to Pippa’s vocals. 

The young girl absolutely smashed it, impressing the crowd and taking on the verses of the song all on her own - Someone needs to tell her she just sang to a record-breaking crowd!

After the performance, Ed wrapped his arm around Pippa and gave her a kiss on the forehead before cheering her off stage along with the rest of the crowd.

It’s safe to say she’ll never be washing her forehead ever again, and I wouldn’t either!

Pippa has to be one of the bravest 10-year-olds because the thought of performing for 48,000 people scares me as an adult.

She did an incredible job singing on stage! We can’t help but think there may be a future career there for the young Kiwi.