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Tom Hanks dubs 1989 film the "most physical, exhausting" scene to shoot

You know what they say about filming in Hollywood...

Tom Hanks' most "exhausting" scene to film was getting the dog in 'Turner and Hooch' in his collar or strapped into the car.

The 66-year-old actor starred in the 1989 American buddy cop comedy film alongside Beasley the Dog as the eponymous characters, and he has claimed his "body was beaten to a pulp" at the end of taking repeated takes getting the hound secured.

Asked what the most challenging shot to film was, he said: "The scene where I first get that dog in a collar, in a car, or attached to a car, it was ... Well, just go back and look at it. It was the most physical, exhausting, time-consuming thing. And because it could only happen in the real world, this is not a moment of CGI to it, there's not a moment of a stuntman being involved in it. It was just me and Beasley, who was the dog who was playing Hooch at the time, and it was steady cams, multiple, multiple versions of it."

More than three decades later, the 'Sleepless in Seattle' star still has "tactile memories" of just how difficult it was.

Hanks added to Collider: "And the thing that was exhausting about it was, it was just me and that dog every step of the way. It happened in real-time, and it happened over a number of hours, and my body was beaten to a pulp by the time we got to the end, and it was also full energy the entire time. I had to be petrified of this dog at the same time I was commanding that dog. I don't know why. What year did we make that movie? I'll tell you, it was 33 years ago, and yet I still have tactile memories of how hard that shot was to get."

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