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Tilly pranks her dad Gordon Ramsey
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Chef Gordon Ramsay gets pranked by daughter Tilly live on radio

Tilly definitely knows how to wind up her dad Gordon Ramsay!
12 January 2023 4:12PM

Chef and TV host Gordon Ramsay is known for his serious take on food, but he has a great sense of humour even when he's getting pranked by his daughter Tilly on a live radio show!

The star of 'Next Level Chef' was involved in a radio interview rating bizarre food combinations, when his 21-year-old daughter called in, pretending to be "Sophie" with an usual love of "Vanilla ice cream with pickles and crushed prawn cocktail crisps."

"Sophie, come on..." Gordon reacted. "Valentine's night is just round the corner. You can't eat like that."

But as Gordon Ramsay ripped into her bizarre dessert choice, Tilly as "Sophie" decided to fire back with her own criticisms about his restaurant.

"Well actually Gordon, I went to your restaurant and I have to say, the steak was a little bit chewy, and you weren't even in the kitchen."

And she didn't stop there, bringing popular British chef Jamie Oliver into the fold.

"I would definitely get better food and service at Jamie's Italian! I think you should maybe stick to your special scrambled eggs to be honest."

Gordon, who is known for his "foolproof" fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs, was flattered by the backhanded compliment. But he still had no clue about who was really on the other side of the phone line.

The radio DJ then posed a question to Gordon's daughter.

"Sophie, just quickly, who was it that when you were a kid used to serve you those special scrambled eggs?"

Tilly responded: "It was my dad. Hey dad!"

It took a good few beats for Gordon to catch on that one of his kids was attempting to wind him up.

"Dad? Is that Tilly?"

As Tilly cracked up on the other side of the line, Gordon quickly broke into a comedic rage.

"I'm going to kick your a**!" he laughed while everyone else broke into laughter.

Great to see that even at any level of fame, the Ramsays won't miss the chance to have a fun go at one another!