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Harry Styles wows as Danny Zuko and dedicates beautiful performance to Olivia Newton-John
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Must See

Harry Styles wows as Danny Zuko and dedicates beautiful performance to Olivia Newton-John

What a stud!

Did you dress up for Halloween? Because Harry Styles did and he looked like an absolute stud!

As part of his annual ‘Harryween’ concert celebration, Harry took the stage on Halloween night dressed as the one and only Danny Zuko from ‘Grease’.

On Monday night, Harry did more than merely wear a sweet leather jacket, black jeans, and a slicked-back hairdo. He also sang his heart out to the sold-out Kia Forum audience in a passionate performance of Olivia Newton-popular John's song from the movie, ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’.

Beautiful images of the late Olivia Newton-John, who passed in August, were displayed on the stadium's screen above Harry’s head

Harry threw in a few Grease references into his performance throughout the evening, including slicking back his hair,  doing some finger guns in the middle of 'Daydream' and performing the iconic Hand Jive in 'Adore You.'

He wasn't the only person who had dressed for the occasion, either. Harry’s band also joined in the fun by donning costumes that were inspired by Grease.

Sandy's famous black spandex outfit was worn by drummer Sarah Jones, bassist Elin Sandberg dressed as Rizzo, instrumentalist Ny Oh wowed as Frenchie, guitarist Mitch Rowland looked great as Coach Calhoun, keyboardist Yaffra got into character as Eugene Felsnic, and drummer Pauli Lovejoy stunned as a Pink Lady.

For Styles, Halloween has become a tradition. Last year, Harry and his band gave an epic performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the costumes to match were fantastic.

He sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ on the opening night while dressed as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

It’s clear Harry has a lot of love for the spooky holiday, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year!