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Why Bernadine Oliver-Kerby takes medical leave from AM Show

Why Bernadine Oliver-Kerby takes medical leave from AM Show

We wish Bernadine a speedy recovery!
20 October 2022 4:15PM

You may have noticed that The AM newsreader Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has been absent from the show recently. 

This morning, her co-hosts Melissa Chan-Green and Ryan Bridge revealed that Bernadine experienced facial paralysis on one side of her face due to Bell's palsy. 

"Bernadine can't wait to reunite with the team; with us and with you at home," host Ryan Bridge began. "The rest of her recovery [is] now her main priority," Ryan said. 

Ryan went on to give a special message to Bernadine.

"We love you, you know we do - you're an incredible presence on this programme and we love your wit, we love your humour - we miss you and just look forward to seeing you back as soon as you can," Ryan said,

"We miss you so much," Melissa added. 

Bell's palsy is a condition of a sudden onset of paralysis of one of the facial nerves. These are the symptoms:  droopy eyelid, dry eye or excessive tears, facial paralysis twitching, weakness, drooping corner of the mouth, dry mouth, and impaired taste. 

Earlier in June, Justin Bieber also experienced a type of facial paralysis called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Due to treatment and recovery, the singer had to cancel some tours and postpone some including the New Zealand tour.

His New Zealand tour has been postponed from its original date of December 7.