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Olivia Newton-John's daughter tears up as she talks about her mum's legacy
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Olivia Newton-John's daughter tears up as she talks about her mum's legacy

Olivia must be really proud of her daughter and everyone who were invovled in the walk
10 October 2022 3:28PM

Olivia's Walk for Wellness is an annual event launched by the late Olivia Newton-John to help "bring love and light to cancer". This event helps raise funds for Olivia Newton-John Centre, which she immensely cared for.

"The Olivia Newton-John Centre was Olivia's dream and we are proud to continue her work. She believed passionately in providing wellness therapies to bring comfort and support to people at a time when they need it most," the website wrote. 

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, well-wishers gathered at one of her favourite places in Melbourne to join the annual walk, to raise funds for the centre as well as honour Olivia's legacy. This was the first walk without her.

On the day of the event, Olivia Newton John's daughter Chloe talked about her mum with 9 News Australia and thanked everyone who attended the ' Olivia's Walk for Wellness'. 

"The spirit of Olivia is very present here today. She'd be very proud" 9 news told Chloe live from the location of the walk. 

"It's so beautiful to see how many Australians have come out for my mum, and I'm so moved. It's so beautiful," Chloe said.

"John and I are there in spirit, we just needed to take some time to grieve," she added. 

In a statement, Olivia’s husband, John Easterling said, "The wellness walk and wellness programs meant so much to Olivia. She really looked forward to it each year".

"Olivia loved meeting so many patients who benefited from the ONJ Centre and the incredible souls who helped make this possible with their fundraising efforts."

Talking about the event, Chloe choked in tears as she said, "this was her heart. This was what she lived for".

Chloe shared how much the centre meant to her and described it as the "most important thing to her".

"She saw the benefits of holistic treatments and acupuncture and music therapy, the benefits for her. So she wanted people to have access to all those things. And that's what we are raising the money for," she wrote. 

All she wanted to do was do good in the world, her mission being "helping people and animals."

"I am beyond proud" said Chloe. 

Every walker from yesterday received a medal which was engraved with "Olivia's walk for wellness", with Olivia's handwriting.