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Kevin Costner posts touching Whitney Houston tribute on 30th anniversary of 'The Bodyguard'

Kevin Costner posts touching Whitney Houston tribute on 30th anniversary of 'The Bodyguard'

The movie will be returning to cinemas to celebrate the big '3-0' !

Kevin Costner has sung the praises of the late Whitney Houston to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘The Bodyguard’, a film they co-starred in. 

Costner posted a promotional poster from the film of him and Houston to his Instagram account.

“In November, 30 years after its first premiere, The Bodyguard will be returning to theatres,” the caption reads.”

“I couldn’t be more excited that we all get to re-experience this film and the magic that happened when Whitney stepped in front of the camera. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this movie and her legacy.”

Kevin and Whitney became extremely close friends during the filming of the movie and remained so up until Houston’s untimely death in 2012. So much so that Costner gave the eulogy at her funeral. 

Once he got the leading role in ‘The Bodyguard’, Costner was hellbent on getting Houston to be his co-star. Houston was a huge popstar at the time and Costner said he wanted her for a pretty simple reason. 

“I saw her like every red-blooded male would see her: I thought she was really pretty,” he said, as reported by Smooth Radio.

Whitney was initially nervous to take the role, thinking she would face criticism for going from singing to acting, but Costner gave her a call and promised he wouldn’t let her embarrass herself. 

“He said: ‘I promise you I will not let you fall, I will help,” Whitney recalled. “And he did.”

Costner always saw potential and Houston but knew she was nervous during filming, as it was her first major film role. 

“She was a really street-smart girl, she knew stuff. I knew she could handle the part but she wasn’t sure she could handle it,” he told Entertainment Tonight. 

“There came a moment where she had to make a decision and I saw her trust me and we had that, from that moment on. That was my promise to her, that she’d look great and be great.”