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 Hilary Barry has secretly dropped Wordle answers on TV for months
Melissa Low
Melissa Low

Hilary Barry has been secretly giving Wordle answers on TV all year

How did we never realise?!
14 October 2022 6:15PM

Aotearoa's TV aunt, the always-wonderful Hilary Barry, has been playing a game with us all year - and it has taken nine months for us to find out!

If you're a regular Seven Sharp listener, you may have thought their out-of-ad-break conversations just before 7.29pm were a little odd... Sometimes Hilary's talking about "the cradle falls, and the bough breaks", or how she's going to go on a "sting operation". Odd conversations to have when you look at them one by one. But when you put each 7.29pm break together - a pattern emerges.

It turns out Hilary Barry has been trying to slip in the Wordle answer of the day into her couch chat with Jeremy - and she's done this since FEBRUARY.

All was revealed in a recent article with online magazine Capsule, that Hilary shared on Facebook with the caption "The cat’s out of the bag. Congratulations to those of you who noticed."

"I’ve been doing it all year just before the final sign off," she told Capsule. 

"A number of us on Seven Sharp are big Wordle fans and one of the team suggested we weave in the answer each night at the end of the show just for a giggle. I’ve got to be honest, sometimes it’s not that easy. Ionic, Trice and Caulk – I had my work cut out for me on those nights!"

To think that Hilary's been playing both Wordle and the audience for this long is a feat - but she's not sure if she'll continue her game.

"Now that the cat’s out of the bag I’m wondering whether we should keep it up. What do you think?"

Watch a compilation of Wordle slip-ins she's made this month in the video below:

Hilary Barry's sneaky Wordle slips
She's been saying the Wordle answers on TV for months!
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